Fire in the hole

Fire in the hole

Fire in the hole

Fire in the hole / 浦 彩恵子

Die, You said to me die.
I never give up until escape from this darkness.
I promise. So, I won’t die

I just revived here.
So, You can’t escape.
You will die.
I kill you.
This is Darkness without the end.

I will hear the voice of dark tonight.
I can’t see an inch ahead. I need you fire.
Wow Wow Wow.
I can’t stop. I’m pressed for time. I’ve got to hurry
I’ll see the hell there. So, It’s a my Destiny.

In the dark. I’m looking for the truth.
This world is but a place of passage.
“It’s a dream,” Your heart says so alone tonight.
I’m a knight of the anger so freed from the destiny.
Fire in the hole.