Gantz (2010) – “Robot Alien” Fight Scene

Gantz (2010) – “Robot Alien” Fight Scene

Gantz (2010) – “Robot Alien” Fight Scene

I don’t normally enjoy manga, so I was surprised how entertaining the movie was to me.
I wouldn’t even gave it a chance if I knew it was based on manga – all I knew about it was that
it was supposed to be “Action, Horror, Sci-Fi” (as the movie describes itself) with Aliens causing trouble at night.

The whole concept which I don’t want to spoil for you too much is very interesting.
You die = Gantz (mysterious ball) will recruit you to fight against “monster” Aliens that cause trouble
at night in our world, with the reward being – if you collect enough points, you can be set free and live your life as normal again, or you can resurrect someone else that died and continue “playing”.
You see, it was like a game – aliens VS humans and each “player” will get points at the end of the game depending on the evaluation by the “gantz”. The thing is, to some this is hell – as you’re forced to fight the aliens each night until you gain enough points, or die (again I might add) trying to.

Makes you think that they do live in “Matrix” or a computer game of sorts, and there will be some big revelation at the end. Love the mystery behind it all too.

This was the first of two movies (to my knowledge) that came out so far, with one 3D animated (also very good) coming later. I highly recommend Gantz series to all that love action – there will be plenty of – and blood and gore.

This is my favorite Alien from the first movie – I love that each alien was completely different to the previous one and kind of “funny”.

It’s all so wacky – I love it!

Just note that most of the people didn’t know yet what is happening to them (their first or second hunt), so they looked “stunned”.

Should have put on English subtitles for you guys too, but not much is spoken here anyway.
Happy watching regardless! 🙂